3 Tom's for Sale$650(Alton, MO)

2 White and 1 Heritage Turkeys for sale at $6.50 [couldn't get listed price to go a half dollar.] They are right at 3 mos old this wk [6/8/2017]and we will meet you half way if you live in West Plains, MO or close by in AR. We are located in Alton, MO. 65606. The gobblers [or Tom's] are strong and healthy and roam freely and penned up at night or they are allowed to roost in the trees. As of this week they go on all natural food [with no antibiotics; we only used antibiotics to help them from diseases while they mature since they are susceptible to bacteria. Any questions or for another photo, email me with your email address and I'll send it over for your review. Call if you'd rather as well. Thank you,